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Candela is the premier full-service consulting group in Hawaii for small- and medium-sized businesses. It is your one-stop business consulting shop. No need to divide your issues and questions between business, marketing, financial and legal. No need to search town for numerous firms and professionals. Your business shouldn’t look like a jigsaw puzzle of professionals. With Candela, it won’t be.

At Candela, we have a network of professionals that act as your business quarterback, bringing together the expertise and experience you need to review all of your business issues and provide guidance on how to solve them in a cohesive way.

How Can We Help?

Business formation

Choosing a business entity is no walk in the park. The alphabet soup of LLCs, LLPs, LPs, S-Corps and C-Corps is just the beginning. Liability, tax consequences, management, growth strategy, estate planning and more play a pivotal role in determining the right entity choice and tax treatment. Candela can assist in determining the right entity type for your business and file the necessary documents with the Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs. All pau? Not so fast. Candela can also assist in obtaining tax identification numbers (state and federal) and other licenses necessary to conduct your business in Hawaii.

Long-term Strategic Planning

Unless Google shows up with a suitcase of cash, you are likely in it for the long haul. It is best to plan accordingly. At Candela, we meet you at every important juncture of your business, and help to devise long-term strategies in a way that ensures your business is ready for today and for tomorrow. We can help to develop budgets, marketing/business plans, and goals [oh my!] that can guide your company over the long term. With this mindset, milestones are imperative. We help to establish realistic and practical guideposts for the development of your business.

public relations

In an age where information (and misinformation) travels fast, public perception of your company can change rapidly. If you are not prepared, the fate of your credibility can be left to one public disaster. To avoid this, Candela helps to influence, engage and build relationships with key stakeholders in the community in order to cultivate a positive, longstanding public opinion of your business. Communications through media, events, and personal engagements help our team to demonstrate your strengths and value. You are awesome; we will let the public know you are awesome.



Intellectual Property may be the most important asset of your company. Just ask Apple and Amazon, the only companies in the world valued at over a trillion dollars. Most of their value is derived from intellectual property. In today’s disseminating world, you need a formidable strategy for protecting your IP and benefiting from its value. Candela can assist in developing a comprehensive strategy that includes protection (from registering trademarks and copyright to confidentiality agreements) and maximizing its value (for example, through licensing). Make the most out of your intellectual property.

Marketing and Advertising

In a noisy world with print, digital, and social media competing for our attention, how does your business differentiate itself from the rest and connect with potential consumers? You need the right message, at the right time, directed at the right people, through the right mediums. That is a lot to get right. Candela can help to determine content strategy, behaviors and motivations of your target audience, and platforms for distribution. Need content? We also produce unique and creative writing, photography, and concepts for your use in marketing, social media, website content, business proposals, and more. Get ready to dazzle.

contract negotiation

Sometimes business feels like a perpetual contract negotiation. From vendors and manufacturers to employees, independent contractors, and investors, contracts are often the lifeblood of a business. While they may feel mundane, there can be harmful misunderstandings and potential liability in a hastily-executed contract. If a deal goes bad, you can bet that lawyers will be meticulously analyzing every word and sentence. Candela helps to spot issues before they become disputes. This helps you to minimize the risk and potential liability for your business.


non-profit organizations

At Candela we have a special place in our hearts for those that want to give back to our community. We are constantly amazed by and so thankful for the generosity of those around us and the dedication of so many to bring life-giving and fruitful change to our islands. But these efforts are not easy. Candela is here to help with forming a non-profit organization, structuring its Bylaws and other necessary internal documents, and obtaining from the IRS an exemption from taxation as a 501(c)(3) organization. If you have a desire to give back to our islands, we have an equal desire to help you do it.

real estate

Location, location, location. This is a common real estate mantra, but it can be especially true for businesses in Hawaii. Your physical office, restaurant, or shop is the foundation of your business. It is where you spend most of your day. It is where customers have their formative experiences with your brand. And in Hawaii, there is nothing more frustrating than pesky real estate issues. Candela helps to navigate those issues, from purchasing or leasing the perfect space to obtaining permits and licenses (such as liquor) that are necessary to build your space and operate your business.

the end of the day

It is not always cozy or comforting to think about the sunset of your business. But the reality is that this a distinct possibility, and that doesn't have to be a bad thing! By thinking through the worst case scenarios (such as insolvency, litigation, or bankruptcy), our team can help to establish a structure and regular practices that guard against those outcomes. By thinking about long-term goals (both personally and professionally), we can help to steer your business toward employee retention, succession planning, and a successful exit. Retirement, here we come!